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Engineers Report & Inspections

CST Consulting Engineers’ forensic engineers are highly experienced in delivering objective, independent reports on structural integrity and failure for both residential and commercial buildings. Trying to verify what is cosmetic or serious structural damage is important to quickly determine the right course of action. We show every client of our Engineer Report And Inspections

Our experience in the field, including an assessment process with thorough personal consultations, ensures that you’ll receive a detailed, tailored report in a timeframe that exceeds the industry norm. Forensic investigations can involve complex technical processes, which for some clients can be difficult to understand. CST’s team knows how to cut through the complexities and present reports that are clear and easy to understand.

Compliance is an important process when ensuring clients meet the relevant design documentation and council requirements. CST’s professional and experienced engineers conduct these compliance inspections in a timely manner to ensure work has been carried out in accordance with the original approved design. All defects will be identified and instructed to be rectified before final compliance approval is given.

This Compliance inspection is offered to all our clients as part of our desire to provide a complete service. Additionally, we can provide you with advice and options on what would be involved in fixing any serious defects and provide a comprehensive Form 16. These services are to include:

Structural Engineer

– Building construction

– Pre-Purchase

– Cracked Walls

– Sinking Footings

–  Damages Slabs

– Leaning Retaining Walls

– All other structural and civil defective works

Construction Inspections and Reports

We inspect new homes or renovations either during the build or at final handover, without compromised quality.

Construction Progress Inspections

It means at each major stage you are on top of any issues and can have them corrected before having to pay your builder. Surety carry out independent progress inspections for new construction at three key stages.

  • pre slab pour inspection;
  • frame and brickwork inspection; and
  • final handover inspection.
engineers report

Inspection 1 – Pre Slab Pour Inspection

Before the concrete slab is placed, we ensure work has been carried out correctly. This includes:

  • plumbing and drainage points
  • vapour barriers not damaged
  • review engineering plans
  • assess slab reinforcement
  • step downs correctly located

Inspection 2 – Frame and brickwork

Whether you are building a timber, brick veneer, full brick, or heavy structured home, you need to know the walls are built to an acceptable standard. This is key for durability and visual appearance. This includes:

  • tie-downs and bracing for the frame, brickwork, and roof
  • termite system installed
  • correct location of wiring, plumbing, and insulation
  • wall cavities cleaned out
  • quality of workmanship
  • Walls are plumb and level

Inspection 3 – Final handover report 

Once your house is complete, we inspect the whole building

  • from front to back,
  • inside and out.
  • provide you with a detailed and itemised, room-by-room, defects list.
  • review your plans and inclusions list
  • review poor trade work

it is recommended you engage a Surveyor at the pre pour stage to ensure accuracy within accordance of your plans.

During the third (final) inspection, we also review the inclusions list in your contract and report if there are discrepancies or missing items.

Construction Inspections & Certification


This is the first stage of focus once the concrete has been poured and slab allowed to set. A building inspector must ensure the accuracy of the dimensions and size of the slab according to submitted build plans, that plumbing is placed properly and that there are no cracks.

Wall and roof framing

This stage inspects the framing of the walls and roof. Once completed, the role of the inspection determines whether the roof frame, wall placement, windows and doors specifications have been adhered to and properly installed.

engineers report

The ultimate role of stage construction inspections and engineers report is to ensure that all work has been carried out according to Australian standards and your satisfaction. Any potential defects can immediately be spotted and rectified. Homeowners can also avoid disputes or any time-consuming legal battles with their contractors.

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